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I opened this new page so that we can share all dissemination activiites (articles, newsletter, etc.) we have made in our national context and, of course, in international ones.




EUN Teacher's Newsletter Summer 2011 edition:

EUN Teacher's Newsletter September 2011 edition:



DGE Webinar introducing LRE, digital learning resources and eQNet criteria:



Usare materiale didattico realizzato in altri paesi (= Using education resources created in other countries),

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Creation of resources by teachers presents challenges but also opportunities, enhancing a better student learning.
In a Webinar about Digital Learning Resources, it was approached the topic of open educational resources, including its basic concepts and its creation by teachers.
Examples of quality repositories like LRE supported by selection criteria such as Travell Well (TW), could enhance the use of digital educational resources for teachers, and the reusing of DLR, among different countries and cultures.
There were presented some technological tools for use in the production of generic and discipline specific multimedia materials.
The Webinar in Portuguese is available at the following link:
The LRE and TW criteria were presented from 18:50m and forward.

Fernando Rui Campos - Portugal (DGE)

Posted on 2/27/12 3:32 PM.

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